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About Us

Near the start of the 21st century, a new fact emerged. The majority of the world’s population is now made up of city dwellers. Megacities, urban slums, international migration, the global city – new realities mean new opportunities and challenges.  Theological education, missionary practice, and the local church are experiencing the impact of our new urban world.  Facing contemporary challenges leads to the need for contemporary resources.

Urban Loft Publishers was first founded in Portland, Oregon, a city embodying urban creativity and contemporary innovation. As a publishing company, we are forging the space for a thoughtful discussion around the themes of ministry and theology in an urban landscape. When theologians, missiologists, seminary students, and local church leaders reach for a new book to help them address these new challenges, Urban Loft Publishers will work to put new resources for an urban world in their hands.

It is our task to provide fresh perspectives on contemporary urban contexts. We invite veteran urban ministers as well as newer missionaries to the city, urban anthropologists and social scientists, theologians and missiologists, each to add their voice to the conversation about God’s mission in a world of cities.

Renewing the city is the central theme and focus of what we publish. It is our intention to blend urban ministry, theology, urban planning, architecture, urban design, stories, and the social sciences, as ways to drive the conversation.