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Biblical & Theological

The Economy of God: A Practical Commentary on Ephesians by Howard A. Snyder

The material offered in this book, refined over four decades of ministry and further thought, is the result of seeking to find an authoritative answer to this question. The book is largely interaction with and reflection upon the Word. It relates some highly surprising and significant insights into the biblical nature of the church and of God’s kingdom plan. Ephesians gives us a model for the church perhaps the clearest, most profound and concise picture of the church in all Scripture. Yet this is not an idealized picture floating somewhere in space or “in the heavenlies” which never really touches down to earth to our nitty-gritty lives. Rather, here is a picture of what the church most profoundly is, and what it can be in actual space and time.







Coming soon to the Biblical & Theological Track:

A Corinthian Approach to Urban Ministry [Vol. 2] by Stephen Burris

Urban Ministry in the Pauline Letters: Faith, Hope and Love in Action (Romans & Galatians) [Vol. 1] by Stephen Burris

Urban Ministry in the Pauline Letters: Faith, Hope and Love in Action (Ephesians, Philippians, Colossians, and Philemon) [Vol. 3] by Stephen Burris

A Theology for the City by Sean Benesh and Stephen Burris eds.

Sermon on the Mount

Luke's Kingdom Parables Applied to Our Changing Urban World by J. Green

Reading Scripture Missionally

Jesus and the Kingdom in Urban Mission

Urban Ministry in the Pauline Letters

Parable and Mission

Reading the Sermon on the Mount in an Urban World

A Missional Theology of the Church

A Missional Theology of the Holy Spirit

A Missional Theology of the Triune God

Prespectives from the Book of Acts on Mission Practices

Rethinking the Incarnational Principle in Urban Missiology